Diversity Committee’s mission statement:

ID-PIC’s Diversity Committee uses evidenced based diversity literature to inform recruitment, retention and training practices, includes trainees in the process of stimulating progress within the Consortium and manages continual improvements in ID-PIC’s multicultural responsiveness, equity and inclusivity evident in training materials, website content, faculty/intern knowledge and policy language.

Diversity Development Digest Newsletters

Newsletter V1 Iss 1 Mar 2021

Newsletter V1 Iss 2 April 2021

Newsletter V1 Iss 3 May 2021

Newsletter V1 Iss 4 June 2021

Newsletter V2 Iss 2 Aug 2021

Newsletter V2 Iss 3 Sept 2021

Newsletter V2 Iss 4 Oct 2021

Newsletter V2 Iss 5 Dec 2021

Newsletter V2 Iss 6 June 2022

Newsletter V3 Iss 1 Oct 2022

Newsletter V3 Iss 2 Dec 2022