State Hospital South

Dr. Anne Stegenga earned her Psy.D. in clinical psychology at the Adler School of Professional Psychology in Chicago.  She has served as a training committee member for the Southeastern Idaho Psychology Internship Consortium, and now is a site training director for ID-PIC, the chair of ID-PIC Diversity Subcommittee, and the creator of ID-PIC’s Diversity Development Digest.  She completed her internship training at ISU Family Medicine and State Hospital South (SHS), and her Postdoctoral fellowship at SHS.  Her clinical experiences have been characteristically generalist and have included: short-term intensive outpatient therapy and case management for recently hospitalized C&A, long-term outpatient services for adults, along with psychoeducational groups and assessment services for psychiatrically hospitalized adolescents and adults. In her free time, Dr. Stegenga enjoys spending time with her loving husband and daughter. She is Intermediate-Advanced in the Spanish language, continues to study formally and translates educational materials from English to Spanish.  She has a specific research interest in the social and socioeconomic impact of mass incarceration and presents on the diversity related didactic subjects: Affirming Mental Health (AMH) for Sexual Minorities, AMH for Gender Minorities, and Cultural Influences on Mental Health.

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