Boise State University Counseling Center

1 Full Time Funded Position with Benefits

General Information:

University Health Services (HS), Counseling Services (CS), is a comprehensive service provider committed to providing an integrated service delivery model to the campus community. Specifically, it provides services for crisis intervention, individual, multi-person and group counseling. While maintaining a focus on short-term individual counseling with clients, CS’s role also includes campus outreach, prevention programming, intervention, clinical assessment, research, consultation and training. CS is proactive and developmental in orientation and has an extensive referral network within the university and professional community.

The Internship Experience:

Interns at CS will be integrated in to our larger care model, working alongside an integrated counseling, medical, wellness, and psychiatry team to ensure the health and wellness of our community. The majority of the internship time will focus on the delivery of direct client care in an integrated care model, working alongside those with other licensure types, backgrounds, and philosophies, to provide client care. This typically is heavily focused on individual therapy, but also frequently includes couples work, crisis intervention for walk in clients, and group work. Interns may be offered the opportunity to identify, develop, and run groups based on specialized skills, knowledge, or interests, or may co-lead existing groups alongside senior staff or other providers. In addition to direct client services, outreach opportunities, such as teaching, campus presentations, or community building, may be an option. The population we serve includes traditional college age students, a quickly growing graduate student population, and a large non-traditional college population, including veterans. Additionally, our center servers as a treatment facility for faculty, staff, and their dependents, allowing interns a surprisingly diverse therapeutic experience, relative to many college counseling centers. Interns will attend weekly psych rounds, where all clinical providers are present, including medical and psychiatry staff, and will be asked to engage in case staffing and providing feedback for other providers. 

*As an integrated primary care center, the intern at CS is required to have a TB skin test. The intern is also strongly encouraged to receive a flu vaccine during their internship year and ensure all vaccines are up to date. TB test and vaccine(s) will be provided by CS at no cost to the intern. 

Contact Information:

Site Director & Supervising Psychologist: Alison Radcliffe, Ph.D.,