Pearl Health Clinic

1 Full Time Funded Position with Benefits

General Information:

Pearl Health Clinic (PHC) is a large outpatient community mental health clinic serving all ages and presenting problems. Services provided include clinical interviews, outpatient psychotherapy, medication management, neuropsychological and psychological testing. There are over 20 licensed behavioral health providers practicing at Pearl Health Clinic. 

The Internship Experience:

Internships at Pearl Health Clinic will provide the opportunity for practical experience in clinical interviewing, outpatient psychotherapy (individual, family, and group), neuropsychological and psychological testing with individuals aged 3 years of age and older. Presenting problems will vary, with ADHD, depression, anxiety, bipolar, and PTSD representing some of the more common diagnoses. While the majority of the rotation would be focused on developing competency as a generalist, due to the diversity of clinician interests and the population served, interns will have the opportunity to focus in specific services or presenting problem areas. The internship at PHC will also afford interns the opportunity to work with a wide range of behavioral health professionals (e.g., counselors, MDs, case managers) and collaborate with other agencies in the Ammon/Idaho Falls community. 

Interns completing rotations are expected to be on site for 8 hours of work each day of their rotation. Interns can work their hours any time between 8am and 7pm. Interns are expected to complete an average of 6 billable hours of services per day. Services include clinical interviews, psychotherapy (individual, family, group), and testing. Clinical interviews and psychotherapy should be documented within 5 business days. Testing reports should be completed within 10 business days from the last date of testing. Supervision will occur weekly with a licensed psychologist. Leave must be approved by the intern’s direct supervisor. Contact your supervisor and the PHC front desk if you are unable to work due to circumstances such as illness or weather. Interns will be required to follow Idaho State regulations for supervision, this includes keeping an updated list of clients, and adhere to the APA ethical code of conduct.

Contact Information

Site Director & Supervising Psychologist: Daniel McGrath Psy.D.
Email address: